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Editorial Reviews

This charming Victorin romance features lovable characters and a believable storyline. Fans of the Victorian period will cherish Mitchell's latest offering. -- RT Book Reviews, Patsy Glans

Mitchell again delights with a well-researched and plotted story that's also lighthearted and fun. Like all Mitchell stories, this one comes highly recommended. -- Historical Novel Society


Reader Reviews


I'm always drawn to stories bout women who break the rules and when the story is well written and keeps me involved, it's an all around win. Plus when it comes to romances, all I'm going to say is Siri created one of the best scenes I've read in this one. I'll leave it at that. -- Jamie Lapeyrolerie @



Love Comes Calling


Editorial Reviews

Ellis Eton can’t seem to do anything right. She’s failing her college classes, gets into all kinds of scrapes, and constantly disappoints her wealthy Boston family. About the only thing she’s good at is being an actress, which serves to get her into another scrape when Ellis agrees to work at the telephone company switchboard for her look-alike friend Janie. Ellis overhears a possible threat to the young man who adores her, Griffin Phillips, which sets her on a path to more drama, more crazy escapades, and a growing awareness of where she fits in the world. Will she finally get something right? Will her family and Griff see her for who she is? Mitchell, author of nearly a dozen other inspirational novels, has created a wild romp through 1920s Boston, but also a thought-provoking look at the morality of Prohibition and the impulsive, restless mind of Ellis, who, as the author notes, would today have been diagnosed with ADHD.
-- Publishers Weekly

In Love Comes Calling, Mitchell pens a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud historical romance with love, misunderstandings and an unforgettable cast of witty characters who would do anything for their friends with some unexpected results. Mitchell is an amazing author; she knows what fans have come to expect from her books and does not disappoint in this latest offering.
-- RT Book Reviews, Patsy Glans – TOP PICK!




Editorial Reviews

Mitchell continues to possess an unparalleled ability to evoke history as evidenced here through her carefully-meted use of fact, ephemera, and language to evoke the time in which Lucy and Charlie would have lived. This is a novel rich in historical detail, and thanks to Mitchell's excellent plotting and well-drawn characters, imbued with extraordinary warmth, humor, and unvarnished honesty, results in a positively decadent reading experience. Like the candy at the heart of the Kendall-Clarke feud, Unrivaled is a rich, multi-layered exploration of the cost of pride, the power of forgiveness, and the transformative power of faith, and of a belief that asks only that we come as we are -- not as we think we should be. A deceptively straight-forward romance, like the finest of candies Unrivaled is a gorgeously realized examination of character, honor, and family, beautifully told. Ruth A., Booktalk & More


The Messenger


Editorial Reviews

  ... this richly detailed, exciting story moves quickly through the action, and each chapter leaves you wanting to read another. A well-written, enthralling historical novel, The Messenger will not disappoint.

-- Portland Book Review


When I finished this novel I found myself wondering how I could have been reading Christian historical fiction for two years and not yet discovered Siri Mitchell. The Messenger is an example of all that is good about this genre, and makes me proud to say that I endorse Christian novels. Believable characters, realistic spiritual journeys, heavily researched historical detail and a gentle and understated romance make The Messenger a novel I highly recommend to historical fiction fans."

-- Christian Manifesto


The alternating first-person narrative brings the emotions of the duo to the forefront, and the intrigues of the Colonials versus the Redcoats are well plotted as we learn of Jeremiah’s own story: he is maimed during one of the many battles. In an example of opposites attract, it seems that not everyone or everything will be as it appears. Hannah struggles with the pacifist ideals of her faith, and Jeremiah is not as rough as his appearance. With a convincing supporting cast, this is a compelling Christian historical set during a very important time for America.

-- Historical Novel Society


A Heart Most Worthy


Editorial Reviews

  Mitchell's inspirational historical romance, set in 1918, skillfully contrasts the girls' traditional Italian-Catholic upbringing and the bustling, exuberant American lifestyle they crave, using the Great War and Spanish influenza pandemic as an effective backdrop to the young women’s first important steps in self-awareness on the way to adulthood.

-- Lynne Welch, Booklist


  Another great historical novel by a wonderful author whose characters are always a treat to get to know. They are never flat or boring. The WWI background provides color and depth.

-- Romantic Times Book Reviews


She Walks in Beauty


Editorial Reviews

    Mitchell (Love’s Pursuit) sets her newest historical in Gilded Age New York, an opulent time and place when marrow spoons and exceedingly tight corsets were in vogue among the moneyed. The motherless Clara Carter is making her debut in society, and her aunt and her physician father expect her to win the hand of Franklin DeVries, the wealthiest catch of the season. Clara’s best friend Lizzie is also aiming for DeVries, and Clara is caught between duty, friendship, and her own desires, which tend more toward Byron’s poetry than bombazine hats. Mitchell’s story is well researched, with fascinating details, and Clara is a complex character. The plot machinery creaks loudly at points: three overheard conversations is at least one too many. A social consciousness plot thread dealing with New York’s slums is weak. But those who love historicals can have their fill as well as any debutante supping on oysters and clutching her filled dance card; Mitchell delivers the historical goods. (Apr.)

-- Publishers Weekly


    As far as Clara Carter is concerned, her aunt had just ruined everything. Instead of having another year to seriously study with her governess, Miss Miller, Clara must now prepare for her society debut simply because Franklin De Vries has returned home early from his grand tour of Europe. What is even worse is that Clara will be competing with her best friend, Lizzie Barnes, for the chance to marry New York City’s most eligible bachelor. Clara knows how important securing Franklin’s offer of marriage is to her aunt and family, but as New York’s social season continues on its merry way, Clara finds herself hoping that if she receives an offer of marriage from a De Vries, it will be from Franklin’s brother Harry. Mitchell’s superbly written inspirational historical romance brilliantly evokes both the fabled glitter and the realistic grime of New York’s Gilded Age with skill and subtlety inspired by Edith Wharton.

-- John Charles, Booklist


     4 Stars: Mitchell's new historical novel, set in Gilded Age New York, is filled with romance, adventure and amazing characters. Her protagonists are strong in spirit and their faith.

-- Patsy Glans, Romantic Times Book Reviews


Love's Pursuit


Editorial Reviews

     Just as her faith in God is preordained, Susannah Phillips believes her future with John Prescotte is equally certain. She quickly discovers that her future isn’t quite as set as she first believed, however, when Stoneybrooke’s wealthiest bachelor, Simeon Wright, begins to court her. While every other woman in town might consider Simeon to be the best catch in their small settlement, Susannah only loves John, until Captain Daniel Holcombe arrives. Sent by the governor to help train the town’s militia, Daniel not only challenges Susannah’s secure and orderly thoughts about God but also confuses her with the idea that she might be falling for him.

    Christy-nominated Mitchell’s latest flawlessly crafted novel is a quietly powerful tale of love, faith, and hope set in Puritan New England. With its brilliantly formed characters and vividly detailed setting, this tale combines the best elements of inspirational and historical fiction into a richly emotional, unforgettable story.

-- John Charles, Booklist


Reader Reviews

    5/5 stars: Once I turned the last page, I immediately started this gorgeous novel again. Siri Mitchell has written the best 17th C novel I have ever read in either the Christian or secular market. Weaving two seemingly different narratives together, Mitchell juxtaposes themes of grace; redemption and the harsh punishment of a society plagued by outward appearance. Her Puritan dialect and setting is pitch-perfect and her story tugs at you and will not let go. There are few novels in the Christian market as searingly beautiful as this.

    Siri Mitchell is of a higher class of literary fiction and she uses her deft pen to transport you from contemporary society to the harsh world of the Puritans. I loved this novel! I will recommend it to anyone who enjoys gorgeous prose and captivating stories.

-- Rachel on


     There are few novels which have knocked the wind out of me the way Love’s Pursuit by Siri Mitchell did…This is literary writing at its finest. Siri Mitchell breathes life and pitch-perfect Puritan dialect into her atmospheric story. She also contemplates deep themes, pushes boundaries and develops characters so startlingly real you are surprised they are not sitting across from you. Not every one is exactly who they seem and there is more than one surprise at the hands of this storytelling master. I cannot ---absolutely cannot ---wait to see where Mitchell takes us next. She is spell-binding. I will read this until the binding comes apart, I assure you.

-- Rachel, on 19 May 2009


     Historical fiction has never been one of my favorite genres, but that may have changed since I read Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell… This story is great on so many levels. Here are a few of the things I particularly enjoyed about Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell –  Realistic Tone, Attention To Historical Detail, Point of View Sub-Texting, Strong Spiritual Thread. (You’ll have to go to Cathy’s blog to read all the details!)… This message is one of grace and hope that leaves your heart touched long after you've read the final page.

-- Cathy,, on 27 May 2009


     On a rare occasion I read a book that provokes me to deal with issues in my life, to dig deeper in my faith, to be reminded of God's tremendous love. Siri Mitchell's Love's Pursuit is one of those books… In my opinion, this is one of the best written books I've read on the market today… (Read Lynn’s complete posting for additional detail.) If you enjoyed Francine Rivers Redeeming Love, you will enjoy Siri Mitchell's Love's Pursuit

-- Lynn, on 22 May 2009


A Constant Heart


Editorial Reviews

    Christy Award winner Mitchell makes a successful historical debut, immersing readers in the rich historical detail of Queen Elizabeth's court.

-- Romantic Times Book Reviews


Reader Reviews

    I've long been a fan of fellow author Siri Mitchell's style. She's smart, witty, creative and she knows how to massage words into images that appeal to the senses.
     Historical fiction intrigues me when it meets me in the here and now. Tall order, I know. When an author wants to whisk me away to another century, I always stop to ask what I get to bring back with me. If it feels like a history lesson only, my interest wanes. If I want a history lesson, I will read a biography. Fiction for me must not only take me some place interesting but also send me home with party favors. Siri delivers.
     The faith thread is subtle and organic, just the way I like it. It speaks to how we live our lives most of the time anyway. Who we are within our faith shows up in the choices we make. And everyone knows actions speak louder than words. What the marketplace might call "inspirational principles" Siri wove seamlessly into the prose, making it a natural part of the fabric of the story. Fabric like that has a nice touch.
     Great read.

-- Susan Meissner, author of The Shape of Mercy


      There was so much richness and depth to this story, I could go on for hours. But in short, the definition of love and faithfulness is explored in detail in A Constant Heart, and the way the author showed the many different perspectives was nothing short of brilliant. If you love realistic historical fiction that is honest and contains some edgy content, you'll want to devour this book!

-- Michelle Sutton, author of It’s Not About Me


     A Constant Heart is historical fiction at its finest. Siri Mitchell effectively transports the reader back through time to experience Elizabethan England.
What I enjoyed most about Mitchell’s writing is her attention to detail. This is showcased in her stunning and sometimes shocking explanation of the lead paint women used at Elizabeth’s court and the devastation it caused to their bodies. She’s obviously done her research but manages to avoid lecturing with her storytelling finesse.
A Constant Heart is a great read that elicits a wide range of emotions. I’m putting it on my list of favorites, and once you’ve read it, I’m sure you will, too.

-- Michelle Griep,


Moon Over Tokyo


Editorial Reviews

"Moon Over Tokyo is the first book by Siri Mitchell I've read... What truly drew me into the book was a its timelessness. Siri describes real people living real lives - lives that don't necessarily have exciting things happening to them on a daily basis, lives filled with real fears, uncertainties and struggles - and reveals how truly magical those lives can be.”


"Siri Mitchell excels in bringing different cultures alive in her novels hand in hand with wonderful characterization. Moon Over Tokyo is delightful, brimming with the beauty and contrasts that make Tokyo both fascinating and frustrating for visitors. Allie and Gina's relationship is fun and though provoking as Allie, a believer, is bound be her fears and Gina, a "heathen" Aussie confidently takes on the world. Eric adds a whole new dimension to Allie's world and yet she refuses to grasp the gift of friendship and love she has before her. I appreciated so much that Allie continued to struggle with her fears of a relationship even when love was exposed - her genuine hesitation was as real as it gets and make this novel stand out from many a traditional romance.


The Cubicle Next Door


Editorial Reviews

The Cubicle Next Door is a delightful read about life, what makes a person, and what makes a person change into someone they didn’t expect. Siri Mitchell puts the reader right into the heart of the scene with vivid detail and description but doesn’t lose the story.”


The Cubicle Next Door is a wonderful read, full of honest emotions, flawed characters and fantastic writing. I am now an absolute Siri Mitchell fan and I can guarantee that whatever she writes, I’ll be waiting to read.”
-- Book Talk News


Cubicle is an enchanting tale and the characterization is flawless. Jackie’s hang–up about straw usage is hilarious. Joe’s dimpled charm makes him endearing. The setting grabbed me. I experienced Manitou’s unique traditions, it’s frigid weather, and the Air Force ‘culture.’... “The ending was to–die–for–perfect, and had me smiling and zipping through the TCND blog posts one more time. A joyride I’ll not soon forget, Cubicle explores an important question: What if God has more planned for your life than you do?”
-- Michelle Sutton at


“I couldn’t put The Cubicle Next Door down, and had to keep reading to see what happens next. It is the perfect book to curl up with next to a roaring fire as Autumn’s chill begins to seep in. Grab your favorite hot beverage and pick up The Cubicle Next Door.”


Chateau of Echoes


Editorial Reviews

Many things make this book a top priority for discerning readers. The descriptions of Frederique’s culinary creations will have you raiding your cupboards. I’d never eaten as well as I did in this book. I’d also never appreciated such variety of clothing, the look and heft of fabrics, period furniture, or the color of sun in hair... The author’s considerable talent of observation is on fine display here. Clearly she senses the everyday wonder in the corporeal, and the strange significance of common beauty. Here is an author who wants her readers, like her characters, to experience life to its fullest... Siri Mitchell has been called one of the freshest new voices in Christian fiction, and for good reason. I am convinced that this author’s future is bright, and that her achingly real characters will continue to emerge from the echoes, revealing and breathing reality into our lives.

-- Mick Silva for


Reader Reviews

Siri Mitchell weaves a witty, double-edged tale of intrigue, romance, and French culture that is expertly researched, carefully spun, and deliciously satisfying. You will want to pack your bags for a never-ending vacation in France when you turn the last page -- this multi-dimensional story is that alluring.

-- Susan Meissner, author of Why the Sky is Blue and In All Deep Places


Reading Chateau of Echoes is like taking a European holiday in an unforgettable inn, with only the finest cuisine -- and all for the price of a book! I highly recommend this lovely literary getaway that you can enjoy from the comfort of your armchair.

-- Melody Carlson, author of Finding Alice and Crystal Lies


Kissing Adrien


Editorial Reviews

In Kissing Adrien, new romantic fiction author, Siri Mitchell, demonstrates one of the clearest, most original voices of any debut novel I’ve read. Period. Her deft hand, skillfully wrapping serious subjects and vibrant, mature characters into the story, leaves one hopeful that her next books will continue the amazing promise put forth here. By all measures, I’d expect exciting things from this new master of “restrained romance” in the next few years... Kissing Adrien is a French excursion into nuance, pleasure, and experience. Board a plane and prepare to leave the North American Christian mindset. This book is a ticket to the pleasure of living, an adventure you’ll be pondering for weeks to come.

-- Mick Silva for


Reader Reviews

A sheer delight! Smart, funny, romantic, and intelligent. Loved it! C'est magnifique!

-- Laura Jensen Walker, author of Dreaming in Black & White


Enchanting! Sir Mitchell weaves an irresistible tale. Merci beaucoup!

-- Ginger Garrett, author of Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther




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