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Two hundred dollar shoes? Six hundred dollar lunches? Dresses that cost five-figures and jewelry appraised as priceless? Just call it an average day in Paris.

Sensible, practical Claire Le Noyer is as overwhelmed by the extravagance of France as she is by the attentions of Adrien, a childhood friend. Because above all, Claire is nice. And she has every intention of marrying the assistant pastor at her church…if he would ever get serious enough to ask her. Of course she's attracted to Adrien--who wouldn't be--but how could she be serious about a man who dumps her entire wardrobe into a trash can, has eyes the color of the Mediterranean Sea and exudes charm like an air freshener?  A man who will cause her to question the underpinnings of her faith; who will not only show her how to love, but also how to laugh. And live. Faith can be alive and real in a different culture than your own. Being a Christian doesn’t mean forsaking pleasure. Sound radical? It is for Claire.

I know summer vacation is months away, but it always pays to plan early…because if you add it to your packing list right now, you won’t forget to take Kissing Adrien with you on vacation. And if you take a digital picture of yourself reading the book and if you e-mail it to me in JPG format (the smaller the file the better), I’d love to post it here, on the website. And then you’ll be famous!

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